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About us and how we met

About Mike
Mike was born in San Jose, California eighteen or more years ago. When exactly isn't important...why do you need specifics? What are you, the age police? Okay! It was 1975! Phew. After brief layovers in Saratoga, CA and Sydney, Australia, (where he attended an all-boys military junior high school complete with vegimite, cricket, and guns),he moved to Los Altos Hills where he spent his time watching and playing baseball as much as possible. This interest lead him to become a first team all-league first baseman for his high school team. College scouts made the mistake of passing him by, but one school didn't make the same mistake: he was accepted to the prestigious University of Southern California Film School (to write screenplays, not play baseball). Four years later Mike graduated with a screenwriting degree so awesome that if you saw it on the wall you'd be impressed. After a few years in the biz - and after seeing his name in an article in Variety for second best drama out of 2,400 entrants in the Fade In Awards - he decided to go back to school to become a High School English teacher. By the time he is married to the love of his life, Heather, he will be a professional teacher who spends his spare time writing and adding to his elaborate collection of Beatles memorabilia. He will also play his varied collection of guitars and root on the sports teams of the bay area (yes, even the Golden State Warriors). Oh yeah! He has a little dog he loves very much and isn't ashamed of it!

How We Met
We met at a now-defunct Karaoke Bar called the Queen Mary. Heather's brother, Kyle, was the one who organized the group outing to the bar. When Mike walked in Heather thought, "Hey, that guy looks like Carson Daly, but not bloated or tool-ish." She told him as much, to which he replied, "Well, you look like Melissa Joan Hart, you know, the Teenaged Witch." After those stellar compliments, they didn't talk for a while, although Heather did join Mike for a rousing rendition of Elvis Costello's "Allison." Later in the night, Heather found out that Mike was rooting for the Giants in the 2002 World Series! She snorted her derision and might have uttered some expletives at the Giants' expense. A few weeks went by (and the Giants lost the series) until they finally met up again at the same karaoke bar. This time, instead of being insulting, they were actually nice, and asked each other out mere moments apart. He took her to dinner, she took him to a birthday party, and they've been together ever since.


About Heather
On June 27th, 1979, Hollywood released it's greatest double-feature to date - the Buchanan Twins! Top billing going to Heather, of course. Growing up in Newbury Park, CA, Heather was involved in a variety of activities, but none as time consuming and ultimately pointless as softball. Sure, it provided her with great friends and memories, and she got to compete and win at a national level, but what has it done for her lately? In high school she was consumed with the desire to appear on as many yearbook pages as possible, a quest that lead her to join the choir, key club, and mathletes (um, what?), among other random clubs, all while bossing people around as student body president. In college at the University of Southern California, she decided that being on 23 different pages of the yearbook wasn't everything, and limited her extracurricular activities to her sorority, Delta Gamma. After graduating in 3 1/2 years, she spent some time living by the beach and working for a record label as a dream killer. That job took her to New York City where she spent a year mastering the subways and perfecting her New Yawk accent - helpful when dealing with bathroom attendants. When she felt that karma started to turn against her, she moved back to California and got a job with the Los Angeles Baseball Team of Los Angeles, where she often runs into her childhood heroes and is struck speechless - can you imagine, Heather, speechless? It happens. In her free time, she and Mike make up songs about their tiny dog, Rigby.