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Our Wedding Party

The Ladies
Tara Hees, Matron of Honor
Tara and Heather have known each other since their parents moved only three houses from each other back in 1981. They've shared in all the typical childhood milestones: school graduations, softball games, and BB gun pellet wounds. In fact, the two of them were usually no more than 300 feet from each other until they went to college: Heather to USC and Tara to Pepperdine. Heather was a bridesmaid in Tara's wedding to her husband George in 2003. Tara is now an elementary school teacher, and busy mom to her adorable new baby girl Reilly Erin, who was born in March. Reilly makes the same exact "Heather, you're crazy" face that Tara perfected many years ago.

Leah Lewis, Bridesmaid
Leah is technically Heather's cousin, but feels more like her little sister. Kyle and Heather loved it when Leah and her sister would come over when they were growing up because they knew it would be a fun day. Now that Leah is older, she's even more fun. Leah is currently working full time AND going to school full time. How does she do it? She's got a time travel machine like Hermione Granger (ask the nearest twelve-year-old what that means). When Leah finishes school, she's going to take over the world. Mike and Heather love to tease Leah - she's an easy target, and a very good sport. It keeps her grounded.

Monica Rawlins, Bridesmaid
Monica is Mike's older sister and the mother of the ring bearer, Spencer. Monica is also a member of Delta Gamma (like Heather), having joined at her college, University of the Pacific. Monica has a surprisingly keen sense of humor, and was her high school prom queen -- an honor not bestowed upon Mike. Hmm. Maybe that is for the best. In any event Monica is a great sister who Mike takes great pride in making laugh, and who reportedly dragged Mike around the house by his arm when he was first brought home (she thought Mike was a new doll). Thirty years later she may not think Mike is a new doll, but always seems as excited to see him as if he was!


The Gentlemen
Andrew Shupe, Best Man
Andrew and Mike studied screenwriting together at USC, and first bonded over the shared traumatic experience of viewing Kenneth Branagh's "Frankenstein" in theaters. Andrew has been a great friend to Mike over the years, and is always available to lend a supportive ear or to eat Mexican food. Or to lend a supportive ear while eating Mexican food. Or to just eat Mexican food. The Mexican food part is kind of key. Andrew is also one of the smartest people Mike knows which is saying a lot (because Mike thinks whoever is reading this is really smart too)! Andrew currently works as a lawyer where he tries to disprove the common conception of what a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea is.

Kyle Buchanan, Groomsman
Kyle is Heather's twin brother. No, he can't read her mind, he can't feel it when you hit her, and they are NOT identical. You'd be surprised how many times that's asked. Kyle and Heather grew up sharing a bathroom, and, some dicey years in middle school aside, still like and respect each other. Kyle is the funniest and smartest person Heather knows (next to Mike, of course), and he will totally be her "phone-a-friend" someday when she is on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." Kyle is another graduate from USC's screenwriting school, and is putting that degree to good use writing television shows, screenplays, and magazine articles. Kyle is beloved by children and animals because he smells like candy.

Sheridan Rawlins, Groomsman
Sheridan, thanks to his uncanny ability to make Mike's sister Monica both laugh and swoon, is Mike's brother in law. Sheridan is a manager at Yahoo, and loves computer gadgetry like a fat kid loves cake (with apologizes to 50 Cent...please don't shoot!). He's so good at it, in fact, he could've phoned home with far less primitive eighties electronics than E.T. had! Sheridan also plays a mean piano, knows his wine like Mike knows his beer, and is what you'd call an all around swell chap if it was the nineteen twenties. Since it's the 21st century we'll just say he's a great guy!

Spencer Rawlins, Ring Bearer
Spencer is Monica & Sheridan's son, and Mike & Heather's Godson. He'll be turning two years old just 12 days before the wedding! We'll see if he makes it down the aisle, but he's going to look very dapper no matter the outcome. Spencer is really into cheese, his grandpa, and the song, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Upon request, he will demonstrate the sounds of kitties, puppies, and cows. He's a ladies man.